Carolina Bernachea

Contemporary Jewelry


Constancy, meticulousness, patience, research, calculation processes and consubstantial features of my previous academic training, unconsciously influenced my work methodology. All converge in one’s own view of contemporary textile arts, fusing them with the skills of traditional jewelry. My inspiration comes from observing everything that happens around us, the way we react and relate to the environment in the search for balance.


2016 – “The inter-implication of obsession and ritual in objects” by Iris Eichenberg. Buenos Aires
2016 – “Project Monitoring” By Francisca Kweitel.
2015 – “Trust-me” by Gemma Drapper . “Symposium on Construction”. Chile
2014 – “Project Monitoring” By Francisca Kweitel. Buenos Aires
2014 – “The Everyday: Designing from Emotion. Jewellery + Fashion” By Mia Maljojoki . Walka Escuela, Santiago de Chile, Chile
2013 – “The Perception´s Thickness” By Marina Massone / Francisca Kweitel- S a de Areco Buenos Aires
2012 – Central Saint Martin´s School in Buenos Aires. Starting your own Label
2012 – “Pottery” -La Greda- Buenos Aires
2005/2008 – UMSA – Jewellery Learning Center, Buenos Aires: Jewellery Design
2004 – Universidad de Belgrano: Fashion Marketing & Managment
2002 – Universidad de Buenos Aires: Accountan


2018 – Schmuck at IHM, Munich
2018 – Umbral (Threshold), Munich
2018 – Artistar Jewels, Milano
2017 – Sieraad International Jewellery Art Fair, Amsterdam
2017 – “A.Ante.Bajo.Cabe.con… Contra el cuerpo”, Galería de Arte Innova, Punta Del Este, Uruguay
2016 – “The unexpected in everyday life”, Museo Torre del Reloj. Mexico
2016 – “The unexpected in everyday life”, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2015 – Sieraad Art Fair, Amsterdam
2015 – “Muestra” – Mercado Moderno- Valparaíso, Chile
2015 – National Craft Contest, Fondo Nacional de las Artes. Prize: “First Mention” in Contemporary Jewellery. Casa de la Cultura. Buenos Aires